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I’VE LONG DREAMED of creating a prestige magazine that would not only be unique to Australia, but would also help to define and drive the local luxury market. And here it is: “The Luxury Report”. The global luxury landscape has been a passion of mine for decades. Within this landscape, Australia is a beacon of hope — despite recent lockdowns and other challenges — with brands reporting increasing consumer engagement and, at the same time, expanding their offerings and raising their level of customer service. 

According to projected revenue growth, Australia’s luxury sector will be worth $4.5 billion by 2025/26. While this is small on a global scale, it’s a buoyant market driven by excellence. We are lucky to live in a country that’s full of incredible people who execute luxury offerings as well as anywhere else in the world.

What does luxury mean? To me, it is many things: goods, experiences, memories. Most of all, it means achieving the lifestyle you desire. At Kay & Burton, we represent the owners of prestige properties in some of Australia’s most enviable suburbs. Since the company’s founding in 1938, Kay & Burton has evolved and pioneered new ways to become the luxury brand it is today. In all that time, we have never stopped listening to our clients in order to help them realise their dreams. 

We’re with our clients as they make significant lifestyle decisions, as they buy and sell some of the finest homes in the country. And we have spent thousands of hours creating an international relationships database across New York, London, Singapore, China and beyond, which means our clients have access to trusted advisers who provide firsthand business, property and lifestyle insights.

We see “The Luxury Report” as another platform through which we can offer in-depth property and lifestyle advice. The magazine is created in collaboration with NAB Private Wealth, a key member of the Kay & Burton family for over five decades. Within these pages, you’ll find expert commentary from the team at NAB, which his guided by CEO Ross McEwan CBE. We look forward to sharing their knowledge and hope you enjoy our launch issue. May your summer be filled with family and friends, majestic holiday homes and the coastal lifestyle that makes Australia the envy of the world. 

Ross Savas
Managing Director, Kay & Burton