Trusted advisors

As trusted advisors to the most astute private clients, families and institutions, Kay & Burton occupies a rarefied position within the Australian property landscape. Our extraordinary team is composed of Australia’s finest negotiators and sales agents, auctioneers, projects specialists, property management consultants, international experts and marketing professionals. Discover our services below.


Scaffolded by a vast array of global investors and qualified buyers, our specialist sales teams leverage their superior market knowledge, impeccable service and trustworthy advice in order to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Leading Auctioneers

With authority, confidence and intelligence, our specialist teams are devoted to the art of auctioneering. Working with our clients to determine the best approach prior to and throughout the auction process, our team is recognised for exceeding market and client expectations.


Kay & Burton Concierge is an exclusive, in-house service born from our significant experience within the rarefied atmosphere of luxury. Providing an unparalleled level of service, our Concierge team exists in support of our clients’ property-related and lifestyle needs through a global network of partners, advisors and skilled professionals.


Kay & Burton Projects exists in support of developers seeking to embark upon or bolster their development portfolio, while enhancing the fabric of our most vibrant cities. Offering a full range of services to Australia’s pre-eminent developers and international investors, the Kay & Burton Projects team deliver a diverse ecosystem of strategic and creative services from initial planning, feasibility and acquisition services, through to site optimisation, project marketing, launch and post-launch sales and property management services.

Tailored Marketing

A well-defined strategy is the central building block to any meaningful marketing campaign. Our in-house marketing and communications team collaborates with our sales agents to deliver memorable campaigns, record sales and enduring value for our clients.


The success of Kay & Burton is a testament to the depth of knowledge, experience and relationships that we have formed within the markets in which we operate. With a growing footprint of strategically placed offices throughout Melbourne and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, our business represents the most coveted property in Australia.

Property Management

Offering a comprehensive suite of property management services, our specialist teams deliver world-class service by understanding that the little things matter. Combined with unparalleled experience our team additionally has access to a global network of clients seeking extraordinary homes across Melbourne and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

International Specialists

The Kay & Burton International division is recognised for cultivating extraordinary global relationships in order to meet the growing demand for Australian property. Under the stewardship of Partner Jamie Mi, our team of bilingual, international specialists holds established connections across more than 50 countries and provides unparalleled experience when navigating the complexities of the international sales process.


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