Kay & Burton Concierge is an exclusive, in-house service born from our significant experience within the rarefied atmosphere of luxury. Providing an unparalleled level of service, our Concierge team exists in support of our clients’ property-related and lifestyle needs through a global network of partners, advisors and skilled professionals.

Always extraordinary, our specialist team delivers a comprehensive ecosystem of services from planning, scheduling and coordinating regular home maintenance, through to improvement works and preparing a property for sale. We are also uniquely placed to offer a range of bespoke services and referrals to insurance and financial services, butler and housekeeping and interior architecture and design services.


  1. You have access to the very best people within their respective fields.
  2. Our Concierge partners provide competitive and reasonable market prices. There’s no additional cost to you for using Kay & Burton Concierge.
  3. Our Concierge partners are subject to strict service level standards.
  4. Our Concierge partners are independent entities, curated based on ability, professionalism, competitive pricing, and a history of success.
  5. We will track and record your property history.


Operating on the belief that anything is possible, the Kay & Burton Concierge team is distinguished by their capability, experience and knowledge. Our experienced team of professionals leads an extraordinary program of on-demand and managed services.

Contact Concierge

We invite you to contact the Kay & Burton Concierge team on 03 9825 2000 or via email at Alternatively, please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.