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“My inspiration unravels in unassuming places. I always follow my design intuition. My aesthetic is casual simplicity.’’ This quotation is attributed to Vanessa Rochman, founder and owner of local fashion brand Primness, and it provides a clear insight into the concept upon which the brand has been built. Primness creates garments based on straightforward silhouettes that combine premium natural fabrics and finishes. Each collection is non-structured and contemporary, thereby creating luxury staples for everyday wear. Again, it is the idea and spirit of simplicity that takes centre stage. This is something that cannot be overstated, as simplicity – particularly within the world of fashion as a whole – is a practice that is grossly underrated and so obviously absent. Diving a touch deeper into the conceptual framework of Primness reveals a very personal aspect, one that combines Rochman’s relaxed Australian lifestyle and her love of quality craftsmanship and travel. Of course, most people would not describe the duties of parenthood as “relaxed”, but Rochman manages to successfully integrate this aspect of her personal life into her designs, as well. She explains, “Being a mother-of-two drives me as a designer. Each collection is about everyday simplicity.” This everyday simplicity was first released to the public in summer 2013, and nearly a decade later, Primness continues to be firmly rooted in its founding principles and values.

One of the primary values to have stood the test of time is local manufacturing. Primness is a family-run business based in Melbourne, so it follows – ethically, economically, environmentally and communally – that each and every garment is designed and manufactured in Melbourne. Here it is again, another expression of simplicity. “Local manufacturing was really important to me when I started, but now it feels sincerely appreciated by our customers, as well,” says Rochman. The straightforward manufacturing process begins at the local knitting mill, where fabrics are developed exclusively for Primness. These premium fabrics emphasise natural, breathable fibres. Amazingly, all wools and cotton jerseys are grown, produced and knitted locally. Due to local unavailability, however, silks and woven cottons must be imported. To achieve the brand’s signature look, all garments are dyed and washed using a unique 3-stage process. This process ensures that each item is one of a kind. It is important to note, as well, that the pre-washing and pre-shrinking processes are performed under the strict water and dye practices of Australia. Rochman describes the beautiful result: “The fabric feels washed, soft, treated and loved. The colour palettes are unique to only us.” Evidence abounds that Primness worships at the attention-to-detail altar. As such, it is no surprise that each garment contained within each collection is handled with the highest level of care throughout its production cycle. Simply stated, Primness is locally produced and high-quality clothing that is ageless, understated and effortless.

Primness, Armadale

Primness, Armadale

Finally, for those of you who define travel as an essential element to the overall life experience, it is essential to consider Primness in the lead-up to the next preparation of your suitcase. Again, Vanessa Rochman provides a keen insight into her label’s flexibility and adaptability: “I design wardrobe staples that can be built upon each season – layering as the weather requires, with designs and quality that last over time.” One need not extrapolate too far to realise that the lightweight nature of these staples lends itself perfectly to a travel capsule. The breathability and design simplicity of these garments make them ideally suited to all potential dressy and casual occasions. Travel possesses a magical means of highlighting vulnerability, particularly in regard to wardrobe. With Primness, your adventure begins with an earnest and solid sartorial confidence. Visit the flagship boutique located at 1054 High Street, Armadale. Having opened in November 2017, the brick-and-mortar store is all that Rochman could have hoped for from a retail perspective. “It was a dream to open up this gorgeous space, where we can meet our customers face to face and show them who we are as a brand.

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