Preparing your home for the summer holiday season: A stress-free guide

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Owning a holiday home promises years of relaxation and cherished memories, plus the flexibility to take off to the coast or country on a whim. However, as the holiday season approaches, it can sometimes bring with it more stress than joy when it comes to preparing your secondary residence for the summer months.

Our Concierge division exists in support of our clients’ property-related and lifestyle needs, and with summer soon approaching we are working with a number of clients who have a Mornington Peninsula home to ensure they are ready for the holiday season.

To ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable summer getaway, here are a few tips from Kay & Burton Concierge Consultant Carolyn Wright.

Write a checklist

“Start your preparation by creating a comprehensive checklist that includes everything you need to address before the summer season kicks in,” Carolyn says. “From checking pool pH levels, oiling the deck, and tidying up the gardens to stocking the fridge, a holistic approach is key to ensuring a seamless holiday experience.”

A checklist will ensure you don’t miss any key items you need to address and will also allow you to gain an understanding of whether you’re able to tackle the list yourself or if you might need to enlist some assistance. Carolyn also recommends splitting the checklist into three categories; repairs and maintenance, interiors and home inventory items, and requirements for during your stay.

Plan ahead

“It’s crucial to stay ahead of the game when scheduling contractors for essential services such as air conditioning maintenance,” Carolyn says. “Summer is their busiest season, making it challenging to secure appointments. Early servicing ensures your appliances are less likely to break down during the holiday period, preventing costly emergency repairs.”

And with that, Carolyn says it’s important to not overlook critical maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping, painting, shower grout and silicone upkeep, window cleaning, and smoke alarm servicing. Addressing these items proactively will help avoid the last-minute rush, ensuring contractors aren’t booked up and allowing ample time for any unexpected issues that may arise during the process.

Seek professional assistance

If you find yourself pressed for time or overwhelmed by the extensive preparation tasks, consider enlisting professional assistance. Kay & Burton Concierge has a legacy of working with the very best trades and service providers within their respective fields who provide competitive and reasonable market prices. Our specialist team can connect clients to a network of partners or manage the whole process so you don’t have to.

Carolyn says some clients will only be able to arrive at their holiday home a few days before Christmas, which will be at the same time as their extended family and guests, so they have enlisted Concierge to visit the property well prior to their arrival and conduct a home health check. This service assesses your property for maintenance and upkeep needs, providing recommendations for immediate and long-term improvements. It covers various aspects, including , external fascia’s, and woodwork, gutter cleaning, house washing, pool maintenance, heating and cooling systems, and much more.

Maximise your relaxation

Concierge can stock your fridge, arrange fresh linen, and even provide fresh flowers. They can also assist with organising babysitters, private chefs, in-home massages, and grazing platters. Whether this is organised prior to your arrival or during the break as a freshen-up of the home, this can ensure your home is always in top shape, allowing you to fully relax during your holiday period.

Preparing your home for the summer holiday season doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour. With careful planning, early action, and professional assistance, you can ensure that your vacation home is a haven of relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you choose to tackle the preparations yourself or enlist the help of experts, a well-prepared home will guarantee a fantastic summer.

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