Peony Melbourne

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“Your handbag may not be remembered, but your perfume will.”

Master Perfumer Olivier Creed

Sixth-generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed once famously declared, “Your handbag may not be remembered, but your perfume will.” As a matter of fact, a word exists which supports this bold declaration. “Sillage”, French for “wake”, literally means “the trace left by a boat in the water as it splits the waves”. In perfumery, “sillage” refers to “the scented veil that lingers behind a person”, a veil that is simultaneously personal, memorable, mysterious and communicative. In other words, sillage enables a person to maintain a presence in a room without even being present. This is the power of scent, and it is what inspired Jill Timms to open her playground for lovers of fine fragrance, Peony Melbourne. Since 2003, Peony Melbourne has become the city’s premier destination for artisan scents. As founder and creative director, Timms has meticulously curated an impressive collection of historical and contemporary perfume labels from some of the world’s finest perfume houses. Her philosophy, however, is not based on merely collecting brands. Rather, Timms seeks out what she feels her clients will truly enjoy and covet. To that aim, she encourages her clients to choose a fragrance that essentially expresses who they are and to explore the greater world of perfumed possibilities.

At Peony Melbourne, the beauty of a niche market is celebrated, a market that allows its creators to slowly approach the art of perfumery. This “slow perfume” movement supports and showcases brands that embrace a multitude of pillars of integrity. These include sustainable and fair-trade practices, social change, environmental impact/protection, the finest quality natural ingredients, respect for the creative process and brand/ingredients transparency. This is a movement in which creative freedom is nurtured and encouraged and the result of which is a product that is insulated from the large-scale production mentality of the mass perfume market. In fact, it is a movement whose independent spirit and creative passion dance joyfully in the realm of artistic expression. Peony Melbourne’s brands range from the popular to the exclusive, from the conspicuous to those rarely seen in Australia; however, they all have one thing in common – they all qualify as bona fide bottled art! Reflective of this “slow perfume” mentality, as well, is the perfumery’s physical retail space. It is warm and inviting and the perfect environment in which to browse, linger and indulge your senses. It is reminiscent of a bygone era when shopping was regarded as a refined and sophisticated experience.

Peony, Auburn Village Hawthorn

Peony, Auburn Village Hawthorn

If the perfume space is a completely foreign space or if you are considering changing your overly familiar go-to fragrance, fret not. The Peony Melbourne team is available to guide you through a specialised perfume consultation. The Perfume Profile is a complimentary service designed to assist you in finding the perfect scent. Your specialist is prepared to make the typically overwhelming process of choosing a new scent, very enjoyable. Timms considers it the utmost privilege to assist her clients in discovering a new perfume. She compares it to dressing someone. After all, perfume equates to an unseen accessory that is capable of making the most profound impact. Timms stresses the importance of choosing a scent that appropriately reflects the “wordless conversation” which the wearer wishes to have. Think sillage. A booking is not required, but you will need to allow at least 30 minutes to complete the profile. As well, it is very important to remember to arrive au naturel – that is, free from any competing perfume.

Visit Peony Melbourne today – located at 107 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, in the heart of Auburn Village – and let Proprietress Timms work her magic. Rest assured, “We will help you find a fragrance that you will fall in love with.”