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When Founder Pip Vassett opened the doors to IN BED in 2013, she did so with the intention of creating timeless, beautiful products in a responsible and respectful way. That is precisely what she has achieved. IN BED aims to inspire the surrounding community via utilitarian design and by sharing stories to encourage positive change. Vassett and her team are motivated and driven by the creative space, the type of home or studio that is so teaming with warmth and character that you never want to leave. IN BED is, quite simply, a business dedicated to those who care about people, the planet and their impact on both. Vassett believes that a business does not operate in a bubble; instead, it bears the responsibility to nurture the community around it. In other words, IN BED is a business dedicated to those who recognise the reality of interdependence and who live accordingly. Upon this nurturing foundation of interdependence, Vassett hopes to contribute to a world in which every human being experiences a restorative and safe night’s sleep.

The products offered by IN BED are lovingly made and sourced from all over the globe, using exclusively high-quality, natural materials – materials which Vassett’s team believes to be the most beautiful, enduring and environmentally friendly available. A small number of both local and international trusted, certified suppliers is engaged to produce and deliver the brand’s range. As such, these are suppliers with whom IN BED has built strong and trusting relationships. The entire lengths of the supply and manufacturing chains are overseen with the assurance that ethical and eco-friendly production practices are maintained. Specifically, all production partners must meet or exceed all of the company’s social and environmental guidelines. Furthermore, they must never compromise on the exceedingly high standards of materials and craftsmanship. Additional enlightening aspects of the IN BED outfit include the facts that it is 100% female owned and operated and that Vassett is the sole shareholder. Her business DNA is powered by a fierce independence, meaning she is not beholden to a larger corporation, investors and/or shareholders. Rather, Vassett is wholly beholden to the IN BED team and to all of the members of its wonderful community. Through this dynamic, as the brand grows, so does the commitment to social responsibility.

IN BED, Armadale

IN BED, Armadale

IN BED, Armadale

For example, and not surprisingly, IN BED supports and celebrates multiple charities. Since 2017, it has partnered with Women’s Community Shelter, contributing monthly donations from product sales and bedding sets for the shelters. Vassett is extremely proud of the work she does with WCS and feels privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with such an important organisation. IN BED is a monthly donor to the Pay the Rent initiative, in support of First Nations people, and is also an essential member of Pledge 1%, an international consortium which provides a framework for companies to give philanthropically. Finally, in addition to inspiring its community with meaningful products to create a warm and welcoming home, IN BED tirelessly endeavours to create content that highlights and introduces a diverse group of stimulating people from all over the world via its Journal.

Ultimately, Vassett’s overarching goal is for IN BED to operate as transparently as it can by continually learning and doing more to lighten its impact on the earth. She purports to share what she and her team learn on their platform in order to help encourage this movement. She believes if a better, more sustainable way of doing business is discovered, then this discovery should be shared so as to benefit the collective wellbeing. It is not something to be closely guarded, to be hoarded. Vassett always welcomes open dialogue with her customers and encourages them to reach out with questions and ideas. In this way, community bonds may be healthily rejuvenated and strengthened.

Support a business genuinely worth supporting by visiting IN BED today at 1023 High Street, Armadale.