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In 2006, a designer by the name of Kristy Lawrence curated a chic collection of lifestyle pieces, a collection that transitioned seamlessly from the home to the streets and one that was uncompromising in both comfort and style. Not long after, in 2007, FLANNEL – an Australian lifestyle brand that creates beautifully crafted, keepsake pieces – was born. Currently, in a time when the availability of fast fashion continues to increase, the subsequent environmental impacts are more and more coming to light. For example, according to ‘Business Insider Australia’, a whopping 85% of all textiles are deposited into landfill each year. Furthermore, “the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined”! Needless to say, the fast fashion business model is unsustainable. As a result, more environmentally viable alternatives are very much needed. In its consideration of its long-term impacts is how FLANNEL truly shines and stands head and shoulders above the competition. Garment production constantly focuses on durability and longevity. Lawrence’s vision is very simple – to create luxurious pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

FLANNEL designs and produces what could be described as “investment garments”, garments intended to take pride of place throughout the ongoing evolution of a wardrobe while simultaneously keeping pace with the woman who wears them. You may be wondering what type of a woman treats herself to such an immaculately manufactured collection of clothing. Fair enough. The FLANNEL girl is adventurous and well travelled, a free spirit with a bustling lifestyle. She shies away from trends and mass production in favour of timeless pieces that redefine the meaning of effortless style and that remain forever fashionable. She collects and treasures these exquisite creations and gives them the attention and care of which they are so deserving. Perhaps most importantly, she prioritises garments that are designed and created for durability and longevity. Ultimately, the FLANNEL girl is extraordinary in countless ways.

FLANNEL, Brighton

FLANNEL, Brighton

The fact that FLANNEL is a family-owned-and-operated brand allows for its personal ethical ideals and sustainability standards to be upheld throughout each step of a garment’s journey and facilitates the ongoing awareness of the company’s ecological footprint. Lawrence and her team are perpetually inspired by leaders in fashion education and technology, with the design, retail and logistical arms of the company often re-evaluating the best options in this swiftly changing space. A case in point is the design team’s focus on researching innovative means through which to create unique and contemporary products while remaining true to the business’s overall ethos. The consideration of facets such as printing methods, materials, trims and sampling is integral to this process. Whether from within or without, new ideas and cutting-edge perspectives are all welcomed and considered with an open heart and mind. One could say that FLANNEL is focused on the “long game” so as to ensure the highest degree of responsibility and sustainability.

Regarding production and supply chain, it is worth noting that the brand team has consciously chosen to work exclusively with boutique production houses. These niche production houses share the same morals and values with the FLANNEL family, including mindfulness, quality, innovation and a sense of community. Each piece is created by field-leading artisans who are looking to uphold the commitment and pride inherent in generational textile traditions. As well, FLANNEL purports to support the flourishing of artisanal families and communities and to help preserve the long-held and cherished years of knowledge. Add to this the dedication to both clients and the planet to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle across all aspects of the business and it is patently clear that sustainability is a genuine core guiding principle in the brand’s day-to-day operations. If the truth be known, sustainable fashion is never out of fashion.

Do yourself a favour, do Mother Earth a favour, do the local economy a favour – visit FLANNEL at 40B Church Street, Brighton.     

FLANNEL, Brighton