Elevating rental appeal: Strategies to attract quality renters

2 mins reading

In the competitive world of real estate, particularly in the high-end rental market, the art of attracting quality renters rests on a delicate balance of presentation, maintenance, and service. Despite record-tight vacancy rates, ensuring your property attracts top-quality renters stands as an important cornerstone as it not only helps secure its future care but often results in longer-term occupancy. Property Management Director Cath Stubbings shares her insights on attracting and retaining quality renters.

“First impressions matter,” she says. “Presentation sets the stage for attracting high-calibre renters. A well-maintained property showcases its value from the moment a potential renter steps through the door.”

By ensuring the gardens have been tended to and inside is both clean and free of damage, potential renters will be able to envision their lifestyle without concerns of future upkeep and maintenance requests. This also sets the tone for how we as the property managers expect the property to be maintained during the tenancy, Cath says.

“Investing in professional photography and/or film that captures the essence of the property is also important,” she says. “It’s the initial virtual handshake with potential renters before they have inspected the home and it’s the first opportunity we have to stand out from the crowd online.”

For higher-end homes, it can be valuable to have photography or film taken when the property is furnished to assist renters in visualising how they could live within the space. While this isn’t necessary for all properties, maintaining the property to its optimum level is a non-negotiable no matter the property’s value.

“A well-maintained property not only ensures a comfortable living environment but also reflects the rental provider’s commitment to the property,” she says. “Our property managers prioritise regular upkeep, prompt response to maintenance requests, and attention to even the smallest details. Through regular inspections and proactive maintenance, not only do you retain the property’s value but also enhance the renter’s living experience, fostering long-term satisfaction.”

Cath advises talking to your property manager for advice on how to maximise your property’s rental appeal, but she says to ensure your approach encompasses presentation and maintenance. Then, once a quality renter has been secured, it’s about your property manager providing them with unparalleled service leading to long-term success for both the renter and rental provider.