Butcher & Vine

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A high-quality, perfectly prepared steak is inarguably one of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures of the culinary world. Pair it with a well structured glass of red and the result is a complementary flavour celebration that transcends the ordinary into the realm of the sublime. If this consideration has set your salivary glands into overdrive, then make your way tout de suite to Butcher & Vine, THE destination for lovers of good food and wine. As the name suggests, Butcher & Vine is fiercely dedicated to celebrating the finest meat paired with superb wines while keeping the customer and the community at the heart of everything it does. Owner and chef Richard Lawrence has spent three decades working in some of the world’s finest kitchens. His experience has culminated in an unpretentious and straightforward goal: to bring his vast knowledge and enthusiasm to each and every table of his two Butcher & Vine restaurants. Lawrence’s philosophy is equally uncomplicated, one that showcases clean, honest and unfussy food, allowing the produce to speak for itself. As such, his dishes are created with love, injected with passion and served with pride. Butcher & Vine offers an exclusive range of grass-fed, premium-grade Galloway beef, as well as platinum-grade King Valley Wagyu. A deeper dive into the cattle breeds utilised by Lawrence helps one to understand why his steaks possess an unparalleled flavour profile. In other words, it is time to meet your meat!

Butcher & Vine is the destination for lovers of good food and wine.

Galloway beef is an MSA Certified 3+ marbled premium-grade breed. It is sourced from the pre-eminent grass-fed regions and is raised on a purely grass-fed diet, resulting in a flavour profile that is superior to grain-finished cattle. Honest and unparalleled, Galloway beef is filled with healthy natural fats and vitamins, including Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. It finishes cleanly and elegantly on the palette and is antibiotic and GMO free. Shorthorn cattle keep the oldest breed registry in the world. They are noted for excellent maternal abilities, temperament, growth and meat quality, particularly marbling. Shorthorn exhibit an open texture with a buttery flavour, a great bite and a lot of juice. Shiro Kin Wagyu is an award-winning Wagyu breed, scoring an amazing 733/880 points from an expert judging panel. Comments associated with the Shiro Kin include “spectacular molten bliss” and “very tender; good, earthy, caramel, rich, buttery flavours”. Finally, behold the Tajima Wagyu, the most famous of all the Wagyu bloodlines, originating from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Tajima cattle are raised on grass until they reach approximately 350-400kg. They are then transported to a specific and exclusive feeding operation and fed three different specialised rations for a minimum of 350 days. Though generally smaller framed with slower growth rates, Tajima produce excellent meat quality, with a large eye muscle and superior marbling. Needless to say, the care and attention invested by Lawrence and his team in breed choice result in a confidently superior product, hands down.

Visit Butcher & Vine at 427 Hampton Street, Hampton. Bon appétit!

Visit Butcher & Vine at 84 Barkers Road, Hawthorn.

In addition to its marquee selection of breeds and cuts, Butcher & Vine also provides an array of delicious poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes, plus sides for every preference. Of course, the sweet tooths in the crowd have been taken into consideration, as well. Regarding the “vine” element of its namesake, the restaurant’s wine list includes Australian favourites and award winners and a carefully curated selection of international wines. It has been created and perfected by renowned sommelier Federico Bianco and is certain to excite and satisfy the most discerning grape connoisseur. So, now that you know, it is time to go. “If you’re ready to be tempted, we’ll see you soon.”

Visit Butcher & Vine at 84 Barkers Road, Hawthorn, or 427 Hampton Street, Hampton. Bon appétit!