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Mental health, emotional health and physical health are indisputably interdependent, and this interdependence is governed by a directly proportional dynamic. In other words, nurturing one sphere simultaneously nurtures the other two. On the other hand, harming one sphere simultaneously harms the other two. The team behind All for One Studios knows this reality all too well. As such, it blends its offering of clinical services (physiotherapy, clinical pilates, pre-natal pilates, mums and bubs pilates, nutrition and massage) with its studio classes (reformer pilates, yoga, spin, boxing, circuit and meditation). All for One believes that mindful movement is the secret to good holistic health and wellness. Underlying this belief is the perspective that the whole self should be embraced as greater than the sum of its individual parts. The greenery-filled studio has been thoughtfully created and constructed as a space where all bodies, beliefs and abilities are welcome – a space to provide and support close-knit classes in which members are treated like family. The All for One community of physios, instructors and specialists is available to help you heal, stretch and sweat using evidence-based care and exercise. The latest research and trials guide each individual wellness journey, providing evolving strategies to meet your personal health outcomes. The wellbeing treatments favour and integrate motion and mind, preferencing a healthy diet and lifestyle over medication and surgery. As the motto suggests, “Move mindfully, move confidently, move at your own pace, in a place that’s for all of you.”

All for One has gathered a team of the best healthcare professionals in their field, encompassing physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, massage, pilates, yoga, meditation/mindfulness and spin. By unifying this inspiring team within the same physical space, clear communication and collaboration are ensured to create a personalised and highly effective wellness plan for each individual. This, of course, ensures the best possible health outcome. Generally speaking, the team’s mission is to provide holistic, evidence-based healthcare to enable clients to heal themselves via movement, mindfulness, healthy eating/drinking and an overall healthy lifestyle. Regarding physical movement, in particular, the All for One team believes that maximum benefits result from moving the body in varied ways according to what the body needs from day to day, be it strengthening, stretching, sweating or simply sitting still. The friendly and supportive staff is always available for a chat, with the intention to help all clients feel at home and to support a positive and rewarding experience. In this respect, All for One moves beyond a mere clinical and fitness studio to serve as a community hub, as well.

Ultimately, All for One purports to assist all members to finally reclaim and maintain their personal health autonomy; however, this reclamation and maintenance is considerably more difficult to action than it is to discuss. In nearly all cases, genuine health autonomy is attained only through a radical shift in the ways you relate with your mind, emotions and body. Again, this is easier said than done. It is also, however, worth pouring every fibre of your being into in an attempt to return that being to its original and naturally independent state. If successful, it will become possibly painfully and/or humorously evident that long-term personal healthcare must be active and preventative rather than reactive and symptoms based. All are welcome to embrace this most personal and important of challenges. The gifted team of holistic healthcare professionals cares equally about each and every person who courageously enters the studio’s doors, and it practises kindness and compassion to all. The enthusiasm and determination to relate with clients’ wins and successes are as high as relating with the losses and struggles. In All for One’s own words, “We are all for you.”

Visit the new studio located at 854-860 Nepean Highway, Hampton East.

All for One Studios, Hampton

All for One Studios, Hampton